Monday, September 30, 2013

Warner: 3 Year Well Check

Height: 39.75 inches (93rd percentile)
Weight: 35.25 lbs (83rd percentile)

My sweet boy received a clean bill of health at his 3 year well visit.  The only thing we need to work on is his eating better.  Ugh!  This child is soooo picky.  Any suggestions?

Warner is potty trained except at night and nap times.  However, he usually wakes up dry from his nap.  The night time is another story, but he is also that child that doesn't get out of his bed until morning.  This is a wonderful thing, however, I think it's time to show him how to use the bathroom if he needs to go at night.  It is directly across the hall from his room.  I'm really nervous to begin this, but I know it needs to be done at some point.  Pointers?  I'm not planning on doing it tomorrow or even next week, but soon.  Hopefully.

As most of you who know us or follow my blog know, Warner had a front tooth removed at 18 months, because he fell and cracked it straight down the middle.  I've always been a little concerned about what his speech would be like because of this.  The dentist said that since he did it at such a young age he would probably over compensate for it.  I feel like this is what he's done.  I asked the doctor about it and he mentioned that he has a slight lisp with some words, but it would be hard to determine if the errors were a result of the missing tooth or were they there prior.  Of course I don't remember.  I feel like Warner's speech didn't really take off until he was 2 anyway.  Months after the accident.  Long story short, I spoke with a wonderful lady who is a preschool speech therapist in our district.  I used to work with her at my first school and I know she knows her stuff!  We chatted for a bit and both came to the agreement that most of the errors were most likely developmental and we would hold off on a screening right now.  However the door is always open at any time she said.  Of course I just want to be proactive.  If he needs services then lets get them now.  But my gut and her professional opinion at this point tell me he'll be fine.  We will just wait and see!  Oh and just to give you an example of his constant strides...he is now saying Warner instead of Yerner! :)

We sure do love this 3 year old with all our hearts.  He is just such a sweet, kind little boy.  His heart is so so sweet.  I pray he stays so good natured.  Of course I worry too, because kids can be mean, and Warner just wants to be friends with everyone.  I fear for the day someone is mean to him and he understands it and it hurts.  I know this will happen.  I wish I could keep him in a bubble and never allow him to be hurt, but I'd be doing him a huge disservice.  But FOR NOW, I'm going to soak him up just the way he is and enjoy every day of his 3rd year!

We love you, sweet, baby boy!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fête

As much as I love a party, I decided to try and devote Fridays to just that.

In French, fête (n) means a celebration or festival.  I thought that would be a perfect name for this weekly endeavor.

I am going to highlight parties I find out there that I think are fabulous or things that make a party fabulous.

As you know, last weekend was Warner's 3rd birthday.  The following Tuesday, I made cupcakes for his school celebration.  Being that his class has quite a few kids with allergies, I made some dairy free, nut free, egg free cupcakes.  They were your typical vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing.  As I looked at them they screamed "give me some life"!  So with a quick diamond drawing on some scrapbook paper I made little cupcake flags.

They couldn't have been more simple and they were just what the cupcakes needed!

What do you do to your cupcakes?  Do you add sprinkles?  Cupcake toppers? Flags?

Check out these sweet and simple ways to add some "life" to your next cupcakes or cakes.


A Pair of Pears
Lovely Design

I'd love to see YOUR parties!  If you have a party you'd like to be featured on my new Friday Fête, please send me an email!  Your pictures do not have to be professional and you do not have to have a blog.  I just love all things parties and want to share the love with all of you!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Warner's 3rd Birthday: The Toy Story Party

I now present to you...the party.

Happy Birthday to the boy we love "to infinity and beyond"!

For more party fun, check out these past posts:

*A HUGE thank you to Holly for being my photographer!*

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Warner!

"But none of them could ever love you the way I do.  It's me and you, boy."
-You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

Happy 3rd Birthday to the sweetest little boy with the sweetest heart.
You mean the world to us!
We LOVE you!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warner's 3rd Birthday: Something for Fun

One of the last things I thought I'd do for the party was to make the family some Toy Story shirts to wear.


I know, I know...cheesy, right? But guess what? I don't care.


I will admit. I am not a huge fan of character clothing. I find it perfectly acceptable for home or to wear to bed, but not so much as an everyday outfit. I am, however, a big fan of the graphic tee. Give me a cute graphic tee and I'm totally ok with it. Weird. I know.


After seeing my precious almost three year old's face light up with these cute drawings from Andy's room, I decided to throw everything out the window and just go with it. Besides this isn't your everyday character drawing. They are Andy's drawings. Drawings that hung in his room in the original Toy Story.


The perfect mix of characters and a graphic tee.


The first thing I did was to download all the drawings and then then print the ones I wanted to use on fabric transfer paper. I bought the paper at WalMart for about 8 dollars. One of the most important things to remember to do is to flip your image before you print it. I did this in Microsoft Word. There is a button under format that gives you the option to flip your image all different ways.

Once I printed out my transfers I took cheap, solid colored shirts and ironed them.
(Excuse the disgusting ironing board cover. Project gone bad. It's been time for a new cover for quite some time. Better get on that...)
I trimmed around my image and laid it out where I wanted it.
Following the directions on the package, I ironed my image on to my shirts.
This was SUPER simple and quick. Now everyone in the family has their own shirt...even Daddy!
Are these shirts the kind of quality you would get if you ordered a shirt or had a professional screen printing job done? No. But for 8 dollars and a "wow" from a certain birthday boy, they are perfect.


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