Monday, August 13, 2012

Knock Off Pottery Barn Ruler

I know you have this fabulous growth chart that Pottery Barn Kids offered awhile back?!

I've been wanting to make one for a long time.  I love the way this growth chart can be hung on a wall and then moved when/if you move! 

 When we were growing up my Dad measured me and my brother in the paneling on the garage wall.  Now some lady who bought our house a few years back is stuck with the growth of two kids named Craig and Kristy.

This ruler solves that problem!

You can find a million tutorials on the internet, but I based mine off this tutorial from 517 creations!

First get a piece of wood cut. 

Next stain your wood whatever color you want.  I used "special walnut".

After the wood stain dried I brought my board into the house and began marking off my lines.

If you look at the tutorial from 517 creations she gives you a good explanation on how to do this. 

Once all the lines were drawn (with paint pen) up the entire length of the board, I made stencils out of Contact paper for the numbers.

Once again I used my paint pen and simply filled in the stencil.

Finished Product

 I plan to add a coat of polyurenthene to give it a finished look, but haven't done it yet. 
I also plan to hang this on the wall, but haven't decided where yet!

Thanks for the inspiration Pottery Barn and for the tutorial 517 Creations!


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Updated Art...Updated!

So do you remember this little project?

Well I decided a while back I wanted to change the background color and completely ruined luck.of.course!

So today I thought I'd finally get around to redoing my little art project and change it up a bit.

Here is what I came up with.

I like it even more than the original!

Here is what you do:

 Gather some magazines and some letters to trace.  I used these chipboard letters and it made it super easy. 

Next paint a piece of plywood whatever color you want.

While your paint is drying look through your magazine for colors, textures, and backgrounds you like. Trace your letters on these and then cut them out.

Once you have your letters cut out arrange them how you want them.

At this point your board is probably dry. 
Get out your mod podge and begin gluing your letters to your board.

And there you have it!
An easy art project to add some fun to any space!

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