Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 Months

I don't even know what to say...
11 months!
Next month we'll have a 1 year old-sigh!

Warner is ALL BOY!
He doesn't meet a blade of grass or piece of leaf that he doesn't think would fit nicely in his mouth.
He is walking and climbing. Before too long he'll be running and jumping!

We love this little boy so much!
We are beyond blessed to be his parents.
I don't know how we'll ever be able to thank God enough for this blessing!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

And He's Off!

Sorry for the lack of posts.
With Dave being gone for a month, a baby with an ear infection that didn't clear up after 1 round of antibiotics, and now school being back in session...Whew!
Forgive me?

These pictures don't do it justice, but we have a walker on our hands!

Warner started taking a few steps at 9 months, but at 10 months he just took off!
Every day he gets better and better. He would definitely rather walk now, than crawl and does so the majority of the time. The boy can walk clear across the room and back in a few seconds. He gets so excited sometimes that pretty soon he's going to just start running!
He is such a big boy!

Life continues to get interesting and more wonderful with every step! :)

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