Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Coupon Bug

About a month ago I noticed a great deal on Pampers in one of CVS' ads.
We have tons of ladies at school who are big into the coupon thing -- they CVS it, Publix it, you name it - they do it. I don't have the time or the space (a lot of stock piling happens) to get big in to it, but I've started to do a little of it here and there.

Every Sunday I cut out all the coupons of things I know we use or could use. I always use whatever coupons I can at the grocery store (hey, we are currently on 1 salary with child on the way). Then I look over at the ads for CVS and Rite Aid to see what kind of deals they have going.

Now I can't properly explain this phenomenon correctly on blogger, but basically you get one of the stores rewards cards and certain purchases can earn you money back. It gets even better when you also have a coupon for the same item.

Craziness, I know!

Women flock to shop with huge binders of coupons and ads and I even know some who end up having the store owe them money -- fabulous, but I can't handle all that!

All that being said...I went to CVS and Rite Aid today for a few things we needed, were on sale, and I had coupons for! :)

I bought toliet paper, diapers, wipes, butt paste, 2 things of body wash for Dave, 2 things of Tums, and 3 packs of Diet Coke all for a grand total of $38.00! Think about how much all of those things usually cost and you'd be excited too!

My total savings were $27.00 + 2.oo of free money at Rite Aid!

Just an example -- Boudreaux's Butt Paste: reg. price $9.99 (mind you this is a LARGE tube)
On sale at Rite Aid: $3.99
Coupon from the paper: $1.00 off
Total: $2.99

However (this can get confusing), you can make more than one purchase while you're in line. So I used my $2.00 free money that I got back on the cokes on this and ended up paying $0.99 !

I know it's confusing and I'm still learning, but it can be really fun!!
I have all the paperwork from a girl at school who has been to the seminars if anyone is interested!

Happy Saving!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

36 weeks

Today marks the beginning of my 9th month of pregnancy. It is hard to believe how fast (and sometimes slow) this whole pregnancy has been!

Here is an updated questionnaire:

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? 29 lbs. I lost a pound last week and stayed the same this week.

Maternity clothes? Still proudly wearing my 5 pairs of yoga pants throughout the week!

Stretch marks? UGH!!!! This happened last week! I was so excited that I had made it so far with nothing and then I looked down at my stomach and there they were! :( Lots and lots of cocoa butter is being used!

Sleep? Still not the greatest, but since I've started back to school I'm so exhausted that it doesn't take much for me to fall asleep.

Best moment last week? beginning my weekly appointments - it means the end is near!

Movement? The kicking has gone from "cute" to a bit annoying. It's more like pushing and tugging and pulling -- basically a lot of Braxton Hicks. Warner has been getting the hiccups lately which is a cool feeling!

Food cravings? Nope. I get full real fast. I do crave water though, but I have pretty much this entire pregnancy. I drink a ridiculous amount!

Gender? boy

Labor signs? Not really -- I'm 1 cm but still pretty thick according to my doctor. I have a lot of Braxton Hicks as well, but nothing painful.

Belly button in/out? It is still in, but definitely looks deformed! :(

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach, wearing normal clothes

What I am looking forward to: the end of pregnancy! It means Warner will be in our arms soon!

Milestones: I guess being 1 cm dilated! Pin It

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Couples Shower for Warner

Last night The Falls and The Marshes got together and threw us a couples shower for Warner!
It was perfect!

It started out with this adorable invitation that Holly's mom made. I have never seen anything cuter...

...A Golden Book!

The wonderful food





Dave was quite the trooper playing
"Guess the baby food flavor!"

(excuse the picture of me -- I'm DEFINITELY 9 months pregnant!)

Some of the couples
(the exposure on some of my pictures was horrible - sorry for anyone left out!)

Lindsay and Sammy
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Devin and Elizabeth

The guys doing their usual...

Lindsay and me with our bellies.
Lindsay is having a little boy at the end of October!

The fabulous wives

Thank you so much, Falls and Marshes!
We cannot even begin to thank you for everything you did, have done, and will continue to do for us and Warner.
We are excited about many more fun times for many years to come!
We love you guys!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

35 Weeks

Yesterday marked 35 weeks!
It is hard to believe that in 5 weeks I will have a little baby boy in my arms. I am excited, nervous, anxious, and everything in between. I don't feel like my stomach can stretch anymore. And speaking of first stretch marks appeared this week! BOO!!! I was hoping that maybe since I had made it this far I was in the clear. Apparently my skin had other plans. Oh well! It is what it is!

Today was the first day of school! It is always so hard because the first few days are filled with learning procedures and rules. It is so much better once we get in to our routine!

Along with the first day of school, I also had my 35 week doctor's appointment. This appointment was to test for Strep B and begin checking my cervix.
As of today I am not dialated, but my cervix is softening the way it should. I was actually happy to hear this because I need Warner to stay in a few more weeks! I want to make sure my kids at school are in a good routine before I leave them!

Either way, the countdown is certainly ON!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say It Ain't So


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Monday, August 09, 2010

Warner's Second Shower

Yesterday my aunts and cousin threw Warner (and me) his second shower.

It was perfect!

They always pay such close attention to detail!

It really PAINS me to post this picture -- UGH!
About 6 more weeks to go -- there is an end in sight!

We have a divided household as many of you know, however, my aunt is a gamecock fan and loves to give Dave gamecock stuff. She is now doing it to our child.

Poor Warner!

Me and Mom

The hostesses

We are beyond blessed to have a wonderful family and friends who love us and Warner SO MUCH!

We are so excited about finally meeting our sweet baby boy!
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